Small dividing fence – Miskin

Small dividing fence - Miskin

Request from a customer for a small dividing fence between them and the neighbour. This was built using leftover materials from a larger landscaping project that I recently completed for them (photos coming soon!).Great way to use up the offcuts. Post tops protected using plastic post caps and stainless nails used to attach the fence […]

Budget garden room – Cardiff

Budget garden room - Cardiff

Garden room constructed on a budget. Steel reinforced concrete base. Traditional timber frame with DPC. Rubber roof with upvc facia, soffit and guttering. Shiplap cladding. Custom made anthracite French doors with multipoint locking. Vinyl flooring. Rubber epdm roof. Shiplap cladding. Stained for cedar look.

New fencing and side gate – Penarth

New side access gate and fencing installed in Penarth. Photos also show the project later down the line where we have completed new planting areas, seating areas, a garden pond and a budget garden room.